Collaborating with leading teaching hospital consultants adds value to your practice through generating new opportunities while maximizing your current prospects. Our extensive healthcare network and professional contacts offers our consultants the opportunity to interact with potential referral sources.

Long-term practice viability also requires attention to your practice administration, another area where DrAdmin excels.

At DrAdmin, you can be confident your goals will be achieved with a team of experienced professionals helping you every step of the way.

Experienced Provider of Practice Management Services

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Medical Practice Administration

A professional administrative service is the foundation of all flourishing medical practices.

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Medical Billing

Billing and collection are necessary to any smoothly functioning medical practice.

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Practice Development

For those who opt into this service, DrAdmin provides marketing assistance among other support.

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Practice Operations

DrAdmin completely oversees your practice, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Financial & Legal Considerations

We support our consultants with a host of issues that have administrative, financial, and legal implications.


Regulatory Checks

Confidentiality and security of data is an essential requirement to operate in private health care.